W E L C O M E   T O   M T M

What is MTM? Its my initials Megan Taylor-McCaffery and this is my brand of guitar making services and freelance audio technician available for hire based in Wiltshire. MTM started out of my passion for music, audio and guitars. having owned many guitars I started modifying and experimenting with guitars and the sounds i could make with them. I slowly developed a keen interest with wanting to make my own, seeing all the amazing guitars out there in the world. 

My love for audio tech came about when I started getting involved with music/entertainment venues in Trowbridge and slowly learned and developed a love for sound tech and just venues in general. I have worked many events and gigs the past year and am slowly expanding my horizons for more venues to get a different and more challenging experience. 

C U S T O M   E L E C T R I C   G U I T A R S

MTM Guitars are custom hand made electric guitars with your personal touch. I have my own line up of models as well as a custom shop that will give you a completely unique guitar to your specifications.  

We also offer services for fixing, refurbishing, set up , re spray and many more anything guitar. 

I first got into making guitars when i first saw how many amazing guitars that are out there in the world and are one of a kind I wanted to do the exact same thing! I know how much I love guitars and many others. Even a bit obsessed.   

S O U N D   T E C H

MTM Audio is my freelancing teching service avaiable to be hired for venues and events. Having worked the county town of Wiltshire, Trowbridge. I have done many events ranging from, full bands to solo artists and even plug n play stages. 

My first experiences of sound teching was in Trowbridge at The Pump where i slowly took on more and more gigs I then started looking else where for more experience in different settings like Trowbridge Town Hall and St Margaret's Hall in Bradford-on-Avon. Having worked in a formal and informal environment.